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Borderline Playing Cards by Traina design

Borderline is a deck of custom playing cards that celebrate the vibrant culture on both sides of the southern border.
Traina Design’s Borderline deck of playing cards features bilingual designs that depict the unique culture and colourful characters seen in and around the US/Mexican border.

The deck was lovingly hand-crafted by Traina Design studio, in sunny San Diego, and showcases the colourful culture and characters along the border in their backyard. The deck arrives in a stunning, custom-designed, copper-foiled box.
Borderline includes 56 playing cards, with face cards featuring 26 unique characters that capture the rich personalities from both sides of the border. Instead of the typical kings, queens and jacks, there are bikers, luchadores, Hollywood starlets, Mexican señoritas, small town sheriffs and federales. All their colourful characters turn the average card game into an unforgettable trip across the border.

This is a single print run! there will never be another version of this truly unique deck of playing cards.

Your order will include 2 x Borderline Playing cards and 2 x Pandora Custom Tuck Sleeves.

Borderline Playing Card Set

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Borderline Playing Cards Luxury Box Set