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British Monarchy Playing Cards. Inspired by a Tallo Ho Back Design.

Tally-Ho is the luxury brand of playing cards by USPCC (The United States Playing Card Company). It’s the deck of choice for cardists, flourishers, professional players, and magicians alike. These Tally-Ho playing cards are in the long line of cards that started printing in 1885. This is the latest iteration of Tally-Ho cards, of which there are few

The art is all original and historically accurate, based upon famous British Monarchy from centuries past. To stay in tradition with the elegant Tally-Ho brand, the card back is extravagantly detailed. USPCC approved the art for this deck, and we've been excited to bring it to you ever since. Each King and Queen has been meticulously researched and elaborately portrayed. The card back is ornate in its design, while keeping with the theme of the deck. The back illustrates the Crown, and alludes to the War of the Roses in England. The portraits themselves of the royalty cards are intricate, while keeping the cards playable. All artwork is original and handrawn!

·    King of Spades: King Edward I "Longshanks"
·    Queen of Spades: Mary Queen of Scots
·    Jack of Spades: Cnut the Great
·    Ace of Spades: Royal Crown
·    King of Clubs: King James I
·    Queen of Clubs: Queen Anne
·    Jack of Clubs: King Richard I, The Lionheart
·    Ace of Clubs: Globus Cruciger
·    King of Diamonds: King Henry VIII
·    Queen of Diamonds: Queen Elizabeth I
·    Jack of Diamonds: King Alfred the Great
·    Ace of Diamonds: Knight’s Helmet
·    King of Hearts: William the Conqueror
·    Queen of Hearts: Queen Victoria
·    Jack of Hearts: King Henry V
·    Ace of Hearts: Royal Throne
·    Jokers: Anne Boleyn and Oliver Cromwell

This Tally-Ho playing card deck is manufactured in the USA. The high quality Linoid finish makes it the premier choice among card flourishers. USPCC prints Tally-Ho, Bicycle, and Bee playing cards. Tally-Ho is a registered trademark of the United States Playing Card Company.

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Pandora will provide 2 x Signature Tuck sleeves, free of charge!

British Monarchy Playing Card Set.


British Monarchy Luxury Gift Set. Here are the contents of the Luxury Box Set:

2 x Playing Cards Deck

1 x Handcrafted Wooden Playing Card Box  -  made in the UK (carries the "stoves" made in Britain mark.

1 x Certificate of authenticity.

1 x Pandora Signature wrapping

1 x Rigid Outer box.

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British Monarchy Luxury Gift Set