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Tier 3

COVEN Playing Cards Set by 52 Ravens.

Custom premium poker size playing cards inspired by the mystery of the covens witches.

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.

The Coven Playing card deck features an all female cast of court cards. The Kings and Jacks wear masks while the Queens reveal their faces. The Coven deck has the  standard deck features such as the one eyed jacks and the suicide kings. The tuck box will also have the ravens printed on the inside as though they are trying to escape the box.


To buy the COVEN Playing Cards Set, please use the link below:

You can expect 2 x Decks of COVEN playing Cards. PPCC will give you 2 x Tuck Sleeves, free of charge!

COVEN Playing Cards Set


To Buy the COVEN Playing Cards Luxury Gift Set, please use the link below:

Contents of your Luxury Gift set:

2 x COVEN Playing Card Decks

1 x Pandora Playing Card Box (Handcrafted wooden box - made in the UK)

1 x Certificate of authenticity.

1 x signature wrapping

1 x Pandora Rigid box.

COVEN Playing Cards Luxury Gift Set Box