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Whiteknuckle Playing Cards

Brett A Jones


Tier 3

Each and every card in the WhiteKnuckle Deck is a unique hand rendering in keeping with the style.

Whiteknuckle playing cards are the perfect balance of authenticity and contemporary design. Over the last two and a half years, artist Brett A. Jones has been working on a rendition of the Anglo-American playing card that does justice to the instruments they are carrying, and the centuries they have existed for.

Brett wanted to add nothing and take nothing away from what we know as a classic. With reference to the English Standard, and its ancestor, the French Rouen design, Brett A. Jones has created a hand rendering of the English playing card that adds dimension and expression to the characters that inhabit them.

The pip design on each card is unique making this a truly exceptional deck. There are a lot of different back designs on the market but the faces on this deck have been given a total makeover as well making this a truly unique deck which is sure to be sought after by card collectors.

White Knuckle Playing Cards are manufactured to a standard of excellence by the United States Playing Card Co. who has over 100 years of history making paper and producing playing cards.

These playing cards have been manufactured on 808 high quality, premium grade playing card stock. So they not only look good, but provide the handling, snap and feel serious card enthusiasts expect of a genuine, premium grade playing card.

Pandora class the WhiteKnuckle playing cards as Tier 3 deck.

Your order will include 2 x Playing Cards + 2 x Pandora Tuck Sleeves.

WhiteKnuckle Playing Card Set

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Your Gift Box Set will include the following:

2 x Whiteknuckle Playing cards

1 x Handcrafted Wooden Playing Card Box.

1 x Certificate of authenticity (Box carries the much coverted Stoves "made in Britain" mark)

1 x PPCC signature wrapping

1 x Pandora's Outer Rigid Box.

WhiteKnuckle Luxury Playing Cards Set