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BEE Erdnase 216

Conjurings Arts


Tier 2

Erdnase 216 Deck of Playing Cards by the Conjuring Arts Company.

The Erdnase 216 deck is the culmination of years of research and development by the Conjuring Arts Company.

Relatively recently this rare deck of playing cards was found, and what might be the only existing example of the Bee 216 deck. This card was printed by the New York Consolidated Card Company for a period of time around the year 1900, and although the back design appears in catalogs and illustrations, no other complete deck is known.

Erdnase Finish. This new finish is the thinnest and smoothest card that can be produced at US Playing Card Company. When measured by caliper a 52 card deck is merely 1.45cm. This combined with a smooth finish (just as all the cards were in Erdnase’s time) creates a deck that feels as close to the 1902 Bee as is possible to make today.

The back design of the Bee 216 is another very interesting thing. Anyone who has studied Erdnase sufficiently has noticed that the illustrations clearly indicate that the back design was using Bees.  All in all the 216 Erdnase deck of playing cards is a rare treat and one to be a collector’s card.

Pandora classes the Erdnase 216 deck as a Tier 2 deck of playing cards