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Exquisite Blue Playing Cards

Conjurings Arts


Tier 3

Firstly the quality of the Exquisite Deck of playing cards.

These decks represent a breakthrough in quality and card handling. Conjuring arts used the same Taipei factory and same paper and coating as the Legends which is perfect for card handlers.

New Exquisite decks handle the best of any deck the company have yet produced. The paper is thin and firm and the coating allows even the unskilled to fan them. Even though the paper, coating and all other factors are the same the way the ink is used makes these cards feel different and better than anything else out there!

The edges of these cards are so perfectly cut that anyone can faro cards, face down or face up. The edge is so perfect and precise that there is no longer any need to talk about traditional cut cards. (Traditional cut refers to cards from USPCC that are cut while face down, will faro bottom up more easily.)

The printing quality of this factory is so superior, that it’s hard to imagine!  The first thing you will notice is that the white border on the Exquisite deck is so thin and beautiful that the cards almost look like they are bigger than normal cards! Of course they are not but they do create that illusion. The borders are less than 2mm at the corners (normal are 5mm or more) and yet if you reverse a card the width of the white border never changes.  In short, the printing method is as advanced as it gets for printing custom playing cards.

Exquisite BLUE - By Conjuring Arts Playing Card Co.

Pandora's expert team class these playing cards as Tier 3 decks!

Your order will include 2 x Playing Cards + 2 x Pandora Tuck Sleeves.

EXQUISITE Playing Cards Set