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Smith No. 3 Signature

Conjurings Arts


Tier 2

Smith No. 3 Signature by The Expert Playing Card Co. is their latest and final instalment of the Erdnase 1902 series. This deck has the Smith hands pattern (by Guy Hollingworth) with two casino style ovals that have M.D. Smith's signature on them. This signature was taken from a copy of Erdnase the company has in their library.

The Ace of Spades has a rendering of Mr. Smith's face (like Willis Russell used to do) and the tuck has a die cut hole so you can see Mr. Smith while the deck is closed. This deck, like all decks from Expert Playing Card Company has been carefully produced to be the finest handling deck presently produced in the world. Cardists will notice the Master Finish allows for smooth and easy fans and other flourishes.

Faro shufflers will see that their edges are the finest cut edges possible in the world. They will perfectly faro either face up or face down right out of the box. Card collectors will also notice that the registration on the decks is perfect. You do not get cards with inconsistent white borders from The Expert Playing Card Company.

These are a real collector’s deck of playing cards and are classed by Pandora as a Tier 2 deck.


Here are the contents of our 2-deck gift set:

2 x Custom playing cards.

1 x Handcrafted wooden box - made in the UK.

1 x certificate of authenticity, printed on archival vellum paper.

1 x A5 rigid outer box with logo printed.

Finally, our signature paper warring and Cuban Styled Cigar Seal.


Please call 0161 282 1891 to place your order.