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Voltige Playing Cards

Dan and Dave


Tier 3

Voltiege Playing Cards By Dan and Dave.

Available individually in Moulin Rouge Red and Deep Parisian Blue or as set. Designed in France, Printed in the USA, Sold by Pandora’s Playing Card Co. UK.
After over two years of production, you can now wander down the Champs-Élysées with a pack of Voltige playing cards. Designed in collaboration with Henri de Saint Julien & Jacques Denain. The Voltige Deck will quickly become a modern classic and is already in short supply!
Voltige, a name stemming from the French word for “aerial” often used to describe the apex gesture of a flourish.
Dan and Dave industries have managed to create a custom lateral opening tuck case. Often times while in production the slightest error meant disposing of the entire batch. Each deck of Voltige, fitted with an innovative perforated seal, comes packaged in the exemplification of their standard of perfection.


Please call 0161 282 1891 to place your order!