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Inverno and Verana Decks

Seasons Playing Cards


Tier 3

Inverno and Verana Decks.

The SEASONS Gift Set is a limited set of playing cards that visually captures the changing seasons. The Verana and Inferno decks are unique from other deck sets; these cards embrace two different illustrated artworks while still maintaining a consistency for the set. The back designs incorporate intricate flourishing enough to entrance any spectator. The cards are produced by The United States Playing Card Company to ensure the quality and craftsmanship that playing card collector's have come to expect: “Only the best will do”
The Verana playing card deck is a captured moment of summer. These clean white decks with metallic gold accents emanate elegance as it displays a design in full bloom.
The Inverno playing card deck is a frozen moment of winter. The stunning black deck commands attention with a perfect touch of metallic blue accents that frost the back. The rigid central structure couples with the loose flowing winds throughout for an added element of depth and contrast.

These card designs are created by abstracting the elements of the seasons. The style of the artwork focuses on soft highlights, bold shades, and subtle hatching to create these eye-catching illustrations.
The face cards of these decks are custom illustrated to continue the feeling of elegance throughout the deck. Each face card is created with bold figures that are reminiscent to the court cards we are familiar with today. They are then taken further by polishing them off with subtle layers of shading and highlights. The Verana summer designs feature a vibrant colour scheme of white, red, and gold. The Inverno winter designs feature a complimenting colour scheme of black, blue, and silver.

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