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Heretic and Lux Playing Cards



Tier 3

Heretic and Lux Playing Cards. Stockholm17.

Custom playing cards - Poker Size - Alchemy Theme - Limited Edition

Heretic Playing Cards is a heresy in many ways. It´s based on Alchemy and the hermetic world. Salt (for the Jacks), Sulfur (for the Queens) and Mercury (for the Kings) are the three basic ingredients of the alchemist.

Here are some details:

·  The Jacks are women! 
·  The King of diamonds has a sword instead of an axe.
·  The King of Clubs has an axe instead of a sword.
·  The King of Hearts is not suicidal.
·  Printed by Expert Playing Card Company / Conjuring Arts (NYC) with Master Finish.
·  All the decks will be numbered (on the seal).

To buy the Heretic and Lux Playing Card Set, plesae use the link below:

Heretic & Lux Playing Card Set

To buy the Luxury Gift box set, please use the link below:

With the Luxury Set, you can expect the following:

 2 x Decks of cards - (One of each design)

1 x Handcrafted Wooden Playing Card Box - Made in the UK.

1 x Certificate of authenticity - (All our boxes carry the coverted Stoves "Made in Britain" mark)

1 x Pandora Signature ethemeral packaging.

1 x Pandora Rigid Outer Box.

Complete Gift Set + Delivery