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Requiem Playing Cards



Tier 3

Requiem Playing Cards.

Courts, joker and aces have a dark illustration. There is a Latin text representing the card and a date with roman numerals. All custom artwork. The pips are standard, but the 4 suites have been changed in the following way: -

Hearts are broken
Clubs have thorns
Diamonds are cracked
Spades are dry leaves.

The 55th card shows what each card means. From the left to right: Roman numerals of the date, the Latin name, what card is it, the English translation and the date in normal numbers (day and month). Again all custom design.

Requiem Card Deck will exist only as one print run. There will not be a reprint!


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Requiem Playing Cards Set

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You can expect the following in your Luxury Wooden Gift set:

2 x Requiem Playing Cards (One of each design)

1 x Handcrafted Wooden Gift Box (made in the UK).

1 x Certificate of authenticity. (Carried the Stoves "made in Britain" mark)

1 x Pandora 's ephemeral signature design packaging.

1 x Rigid Outer Box

Requiem Luxury Gift Box Set