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Gift Sets

Our expert playing card team will showcase combinations of Playing Cards, Boxed as ready made gift sets. Here we highlight the components that go into your chosen product.

1) Chosen Playing cards

2) 2-Deck or 3-Deck wooden Box

3) Vellum Certificate of authenticity, signed by our proprietor.

4) Signature vintage wrapping with cuban cigar inspired seal.

5) Finally, delivered in our Luxury rigid presentaion box.

Once your gift set is complete, it's ready to be shipped anywhere in the World!

Ann Stokes Playing Cards Gift Sets

Stage 1:

Chosen Playing Cards are carfully housed in our handcrafted wooden box. At this early stage, our team will check for any flaws in the box and card wrapping! We always use a fine artist brush to gently brush away any surface dust on the box and cards.

Playing Card decks custom housed in gift box

Stage 2:

Add our Certificate of Authenticity to your gift set. Each and every wooden box is manufactured in Lancashire, UK. We are immensly prove to carry the Stoves "made in Britain" mark.

Our Signature Vintage Wrapping with seal.

Stage 3:

Once your gift set is housed and binded by an outer ribbon, we then add out signature vintage wrapping. You will not see another product packaging, like this anywhere in the UK. PPCC have taken out a copy write on the logo and packaging concept!

Notice the Cuban Cigar Inspired Seal and soft Brown Ribbon; it's a great mix of contemporary and vintage styling.

Handcrafted in the UK

Stage 4

Let's have a closer look!

Handcrafted in the UK. We want to assure all our valued customers that when they buy our products, they are supporting British made goods. Yes, the playing cards come from all around the world; that's the nature of the industry. Our boxes however, come from one source country, and that's the UK!

Ephemeral Designs

Pandora's Ephemeral Gift Wrap Paper Designs.

Our design team are forever coming up with new packaging ideas. It seemed a natural step to look at ephemeral designs and vintage images, these unique designs go hand in hand with playing card designs.

Pandora will choose a themed ephemeral design that matches the theme of your chosen playing cards.

These beautifully constructed designs have been sourced from artists based in the UK and overseas.

Pandora’s ephemeral paper wrapping themes will enhance the gift experience and really complement the designs themes of your chosen playing cards.

A5 Luxury Outer Gift Box

Stage 5.

Finally, our outer rigid gift box. Your gift set is ready to go. Just need to place it in a padded cardboard shipping box and send it out to it's lucky owner, recored delivery.

Cuban Cigar Inspired Custom Seal

Cuban Cigar Inspired Custom Seal.

This is our take on a classic 1960's Cuban Cigar Seal. We wanted to give our seal a contemporary look but still have that reminiscant feel.

Certificte of Authticity.

Our Certicicate of Authenticity.

Outlining our Company philosophy and commitment to British made products.

For more information, call 0161 282 1891

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