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Tier 2 Deck.

Tier 2 Deck of Playing Card Owl Playing Card Design

Tier 2 Decks

You are now entering the wonderful world of custom poker cards! We are talking about custom colours, custom backs, courts cards and pips.

Companies such as Dan & Dave, theory 11 and The Conjuring Arts have a global reputation for manufacturing some of the finest custom playing cards you can buy.

Often produced with a limited print run (between 3000-5000 decks) and in several colours.

Attention to detail is everything with these playing cards. The very finest playing card illustrators, design agencies and manufacturing process are employed. In short you are buying a piece of Art Work! in miniature form!

Tier 2 decks will be the start of your playing cards collection.

For more information, call 0161 282 1891

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