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3 Deck Wooden Gift Box

Tier 3 Deck.

Tier 3 Deck of Playing Cards Dos De los Mertos deck

Tier 3 Decks.

Welcome to Pandora's world! We have made it our business to find the most sought after and most valuable playing cards from around the world.

Tier 3 decks are often described as boutique decks because of their unique design and one off print run! These decks are produced with the finest paper and employ the most modern manufacturing print processes. Remember these decks of cards are only ever printed once! So if you don’t snap them up quick someone will.

Tuck boxes are often embossed and printed inside as well as outside. Artwork for these decks can take as long as 2 years! Totally hand drawn before any transfer to a computer aided program.

Tier 3 decks are for real passionate collectors or individuals, who values design aesthetics and creative artwork. Our expert playing card team specialises in finding these rear decks of playing cards for you.

Typical retail can start from £25 to £1000

For more information, call 0161 282 1891

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