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Tier System Explained for Playing Cards

Tiers Explained

Pandora will explain how we use a "Tier " system to price your Playing Cards.

To help you decide which playing card gift set is best suited to you and how we come to its value, we try to categorise custom decks in terms of their uniqueness, design aesthetics and print run!

Tier 1 - These decks are your everyday classic Bicycle decks! Printed in large volume not generally seen as collectable or historically important. They are however still a classic USPCC produced deck of cards.

Tier 2 – These playing cards are anything but ordinary! Often having a limited print run, (5000 decks worldwide!) custom back design, custom court cards and custom pips. Playing card designers will produce several colour schemes to complement their range. Tier 2 decks are collectable and desirable!

Tier 3 – These decks are the most sought after playing cards, considered by serious collectors as investments within the playing card community. Print runs can be as small as 1500 decks worldwide and are a one time never to be repeated print run! If you are lucky enough to own one of these miniature works of art, then hold on to them because you could one day sell for a major profit! (Tier 3 decks can sell from £30 to £1000).


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