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Handcrafted Wooden Gift Boxes.

Wooden Boxes

Pandora's luxury gift boxes are handcrafted. No two boxes will ever look the same because that's the nature of wood.

A piece of Solid Oak is used to build the framework of each box. The top and bottom is engineered wood veneer, the assembly of the pieces is all done by hand. The whole process of gluing, sanding, laser embossing, and finally applying several coats of lacquer takes 2 days in total. Finally, the high density foam padding and magnetic closures are added. The lid is designed to completely come away from the box so that you can display your custom card collection.

Each box is inspected by our owner to ensure only the best playing card boxes are chosen. PPCC have gone thorough great expense to bring you the best quality storage box we can for your playing cards collection.

As a testament to our manufacturing partners, each wooden gift box will come with our “Certificate of Authenticity” and Stoves “made in Britain” mark as proof of our commitment to British manufacturing.

Your playing cards are a source of entertainment, a precious item and a delicate work of art! If you are a collector that wants to preserve your decks then the best way is to keep them safe is in one of our playing card boxes.

Pandora’s range of handcrafted wooden boxes comes in three types of design:

1) A single box designed to house 1 deck of cards. (RRP £45.00)

2) A double box designed to house 2 decks of cards.(RRP £65.00)

3) Finally, a Cigar styled box designed to house 3 decks of cards. (RRP £85.00)

All these playing card boxes will perfectly hold and keep safe your card collection. They look great in a cabinet or on an occasional table as a talking point.

Pandora's range of wooden gift boxes

Pandora's range of handcrafted wooden gift boxes.

Playing Card Gift Box

Luxury wooden gift box, designed to hold 2 decks of custom playing cards.

Our 2-Deck box is compact enough to elegantly be displayed on a small pedestal chest or on your office desk. It’s fine build quality will stand the test of time and will sure to impress your friends, family or work colleagues.

Handcrafted from real wood, your playing card box carries the Stoves "made in Britain" mark, for that reassurance you have a genuineproduct.

The retail on our 2-Deck box is just £65.00 (not including playing cards, postage free!)

Vintage vellum sleeves, certificate of authenticity, vintage brown wrapping paper and brown ribbon is free of charge.

Cigar style wooden gift box designed to hold 3 decks of playing cards

This is our Cigar style handcrafted wooden gift box designed to hold 3 decks of playing cards.

Our cigar styled playing card box is a natural extension to our 2-Deck box. This wooden box has a beautiful imposing dimension. It’s not too long but has a real presence when placed on a coffee table or a poker table if you are lucky enough to own one.

Why a three deck box? Well, more and more playing card designers are producing a 3-colour series in their card collection.

The retail of our 3-Deck box is only £85.00 (not including cards, postage and packaging.)

Vintage vellum sleeves, vintage brown wrapping and soft ribbon is free of charge.

Certificate of Authentricity.

Certificate of Authenticity. "Stoves" made in Britain.

As a mark of quality and assurance, we decided to have a Certificate designed. This is to assure the general public that when they buy our products, they are not just buying a great gift idea, but also supporting British manufacturing!

"Stoves" is the official trademark for British designed and manufactured goods, across a range of sectors.

Please note that not all custom playing cards are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Co, however the majority are! We only produce one certificate, so don’t be alarmed if your custom decks are produced in another part of the world. (ie LPCC produce some of the finest custom playing cards from a comapny based in the far east!).

Ultimately, you decide which playing cards you want to buy and we will do the rest.

For more information, call 0161 511 9510

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