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a thank you gift set box

A "THANK YOU" Gift Set

Somtimes it's great just to say thank you, to someone who has been there for you.

With this thought in mind, we have developed a simple, elegent single deck box as a "Thank you" gift set.

Again, you can choose any playing card and our team will prepare it for you with your personalised message.




The perfect thank you gift

A perfect Thank you, gift.

You choose any playing card and we will add our signature packaging.

Hand cut inner sleeve, with an embossed outer sleeve.

Finally, the box set is finished off with a genuine wax seal.

These gift sets are unique in that they are not, off the shelf products.

Luxury does not have to be expensive but does need to be meaningful.

single box set playing cards

The perfect way to say, Thank you!

Once you have decided on your playing card deck, please forward our team with your personal message and we will add this to your gift set.

(given the nature of the box, keep your measage as short as possible, ie. "Thank you Mary for all your support. Tom"


single deck gift box

Say it with a Thank you gift.

To order your "Thank you" gift box, please use the link below.

Remember you are buying the playing card gift packaging, you can choose your playing card from our website.

Single deck gift set (No playing cards included).


"Thank you" Gift Set Box


Disclaimer: Please note ALL our packaging is under continuous improvement.


For more information, call 0161 511 9510