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Cuban Cigar Inspired Gift Box.

Cuban inspired Gift Set

Our inspiration behind the Cuban Cigar Box came from a love and fascination of the Cuban Cigar culture, history and unique branding.

Firstly, here is a very brief history of the Cuban Cigar story.

By the time Christopher Columbus had landed in Cuba, in 1492, the locals had been smoking tobacco for centuries. They called the tobacco plant “Cohiba,” and used to roll its leaves in maize or palm leaves before smoking. This early form of cigar intrigued Columbus, and so he took some tobacco back to Spain.

The Spanish were the most involved with the development of tobacco. Spanish colonies in South America began cultivating tobacco crops as early as 1531, and by 1542 they had established the first cigar factory in Cuba.

Authentic Cuban cigars are rolled by hand using impressive techniques.

With this history in mind, we decided to design our very own Cuban Cigar Gift box complete with a vintage cigar seal with a box design that was simple, elegent and most importantly, authenic.

Pandora's Cuban Cigar Gift box can be bought as a 6-Deck Box or 12-Deck Box of Luxury Poker Playing Cards.

To pay homage to the workers of the Cigar factories, we individually pack and prepare each gift set in-house. 

We believe this is the only Cuban inspired gift box containing genuine luxury poker playing cards in the market place, and makes for a unique gift set for any occation!


Fathers Day Gift Sets

Cuban Inspired Gift Set for Fathers Day, or any occasion.


Our custom box is made from a soft ply-wood with panels that are glued together; the metal corners are for decorative purposes only.

The back of the box has a set of simple hinges and a matching front lock.

Finally, the  whole box is varnished to give it that vintage look.

PPCC. have sourced this box from a UK supplier.

Luxury Father's Day Present


The one distinctive feature of any Cuban Cigar box is its' signature Seal.

PPCC. has commissioned our very own take on a "cigar seal", incorporating our products, strap lines and keeping true to the authenticity of the official guidelines.

This piece of artwork was creative by an illustrator based in the UK.

The paper is archival 180gsm.


Perfect Father's Day Gifts


When you carefully “break” the seals and lift the lid, you will find our vintage paper covering your playing cards. 

This is in keeping with cigar boxes that would normally have a white tissue paper covering the Cigars.

In our case, we have opted for our in-house vintage paper and mini seal.


Giftsets for Father's day


Pull back the protective paper and you will be delighted by the custom cigar paper.

The look, texture and feel is all custom and was sourced and printed in the UK.

Each “Cigar” pack contains two decks of playing cards.

The 12-deck box has six 2-packs housed side-by-side and one pack on top of the other.


Giftset for DAD


Each “Cigar” pack contains two decks of playing cards.

Simply push from the bottom of the sleeve and watch how they simply pull out.

Again; all custom cutting and folding in-house.


Must have Father's Day Presents.


Finally, you get to the interesting bit, the playing cards!

Push the sleeve out and the playing cards reveal themselves.

Now you are ready for a night in with some friends or family, a few beers, maybe a Cigar? and a great night of Poker.

Remember, “always cut your cards”.

(NB. The cards shown are for illustrative purposes only.)


Luxury Fathers day presents and gift sets

To buy the 12-Deck Cuban Cigar Inspired Gift Set, please use the link below:

Included in your gift set will be the following:

1) Your personal message, printed on vellum paper

2) 12 Decks of Tier-2 playing cards.

(Choose from Theory 11, Conjuring Arts, The Blue Crown)

3) Certificate of Authenticity, a product designed in the UK.

4) Expertly prepared and packed to deliver, anywhere in the world.




For more information, call 0161 282 1891

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