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The BEATLES Gift Set

Premium poker playing cards produced by theory11 in collaboration with The Beatles estate.

© 2021 Apple Corps Ltd. A Beatles™ Product.

Premium Plaing Cards- Produced by theory11.

The Beatles Pop Band transformed the landscape of popular music and revolutionized the music industry forever, leading them to become the most influential and best-selling band of all time.

"All You Need Is Love" - (The Purple Deck) has an amazing colorful outer packaging.

Dressed in the style of the iconic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the tuck cases perfectly represent each marching band uniform worn by the members of the band: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

As with all theory11 tuck cases, you will notice multi-level embossing and foiled color accents, these are the most vibrant and eye-catching boxes the company has ever produced.

"Here Comes The Sun" - (The Orange deck) has fully custom design.

The box, the back design, and all card faces have been meticulously crafted to pay tribute to the band’s storied history and enduring legacy. From the early days in Liverpool to becoming a worldwide phenomenon, take a journey with the band each time the cards are held in your hand and brought out for play.

Discover callbacks to your favorite songs all throughout their discography! From “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” to “Eleanor Rigby” and “Blackbird”, you’ll want to look closely and press play on the song of choice. If you can’t quite make out the reference, you can always get a little help from your friends!

The Beatles Playing Card Gift Set

The Beatles Playing Card Gift Set.

PPCC. has taken these luxury playing cards and have produced a unique gift set.

As you can see the playing cards are housed perfectly in their cut outs and are wrapped in our signature inner/outer sleeves, it all makes for an ideal gift set, for any occation.



The Perfect Gift Set for any occation

The perfect gift set for any occation.

Weather you are a Beatles fan or not, these truly great playing cards are a sight to behold.

Beautiful designs and incredible attention to detail, is what we have come to expect from theory11.



Unique Playing Cards Gift Sets

The perfect gift set for a loved one.

The back designes are as intricate as the front design, bold and intricate foil work throughout.

Our  inner and outer sleeves are all cut in-house , the outer cardstock is 300gsm. (FSC certified).

We emboss and print our logo then finally add a genuine wax seal for that touch of class.

This is a gift set unlike anything out there!


Father's Day Gift Set

A gift set unlike any other.

For that special occation, birthday gift or just looking for somthing different , we have somthing for you.

You could even add a personal message (please email our team on:

Your gift set is prepared by one of our artisans, typically it takes around 2-hours to produce each gift set.

These playing card ideas are only availble from our wedsite.


Ultimate Beatles Gift Set

Unique Gift Sets by PPCC.

To finish off your giftset, we add an A5 size "Certificate of authenticity", signed and dated.

The art work is bespoke and the stamp is produced with a traditional "Rocker Stamp" to give it that distressed/ vintage feel.

We will also add a genuine wax seal, as once seen from a by-gone era. (They also look super cool!)



Poker Playing Cards Gifts Sets

Beatles Playing Cards Gift Set Box.

To Buy the Beatles Box Set, please use the link below:

Your gift set will contain 4-decks of Beatles playing cards. (1 deck of each colour)

All the decks will have our signature inner/outer sleeves, finished off with our "Certificate of authenticity"

A5 outer box

Beatles Playing Card Gift Set (4-Deck Box)

Disclaimer: All our gift sets are under continuous improvement.

The coins in the pictures are for presentation only and are not part of any gift set.

Beatles playing cards faces

Here is a flavour of the artwork, for the Beatles Playing Cards.

For more information, call 0161 511 9510