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The Heritage Series by Jocu Playing Cards


The Heritage Series by Jocu Playing Cards A four-deck "love letter" to the cards that first ignited Jocu's passion for playing cards and the hands that wielded them with such finesse.

The Heritage Series is a premium, traditional set of fully-custom playing cards exploring the evolution of our beloved traditional suits and what they have represented throughout history.

Designed to be their flagship deck for players, collectors and magicians, The Heritage Series is meant to be used, shown off and thoroughly enjoyed.

PPCC. has delevoped a special 4-deck box set, as a tribute to Jocu.

Four variants based on the heritage of the four suits - Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds Cartamundi True Linen B9 Slimline Dual foil and pantone printed tucks on quality matte paper with embossing and interior printing Fully custom as per all Jocu decks with completely new pips, courts, faces and backs Shuffle, spring and faro perfectly thanks to the slim, world-class Cartamundi stock.

This set is only available as a 4-Deck Box Set;  One deck of each.


The Heritage Series 4-Deck Gift Set

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