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Kings & Crooks  -BLOODLINES-

KINGS & CROOKS  has spent the best part of the last year designing a brand new edition that embodies the very same epic values, obsessive detail and powerfully dramatic story telling design of EMPIRE DECK. 

However, the Bloodlines take the bold graphic style that the Empire series has become known for, and pushes it even further. 

Inspired by the beautiful, ornate and elegant stone engravings that emerged during the rule of one of the most powerful Empires in history.

These are a bold, uniquely custom new deck for any card lover, artist, magician, player or collector. If you have the original Empire deck, you'll see that the Bloodlines are not just a new coat, but a whole new beast entirely.

Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company on Bee® Casino-Grade superior stock.

Bloodlines will be printed at Quality level 1, air-cushioned finish performance coating for a buttery smooth, pro-level experience.
56 strikingly bold, custom playing cards that take the powerful, Empire series style to whole new level.

White bordered edging around the back design for a more traditional card back.

Mischievous custom jokers that contain a card reveal utility for magicians to create powerful effects.

Heavily detailed artwork on the backs, suits, layouts and pips with custom Ace of spades art, jokers and court cards.

Wrapped beautifully in a luxurious, soft touch white box that's silver foiled and precision embossed. 

Standard editions of Empire Bloodlines are available in Emerald Green and Royal Blue.


BLOODLINES playing cards are sold as a set of two decks (1 x Blue deck and 1 x Green deck).

KINGS & CROOKS - Bloodlines Playing Cards

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