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ANUBIS & OSIRIS playing cards V2

Steve Minty Cards.


Tier 3

Steve Miny Playing Cards.

ANUBIS & OSIRIS playing card set V2. Inspired by Egyptian mythology.

Purple and Green colors Cold Foil Metallic Gold on both sides of the cards.

Slim Line Crushed Stock Printed by Cartamundi Inner foil for the tucks New Jack of Clubs: Sobek

ANUBIS: Guardian & Protector of the Dead.

OSIRIS: Lord of the Dead. God of resurrection & regeneration.

100% Fully Custom Court Cards: Features a select pantheon of Egyptian Gods.

Painstaking research and meticulous illustrations makes these court cards a true classic.

Fully Custom Aces, Pips, and index: Features intricate illustrations bolstered with metallic gold cold foil.

Jokers: Featuring the golden scarab and revered felines of Egypt

Custom Back design: Features gold cold foil Custom Tuck Case: Custom designed and crafted with hot gold foil, embossing, and custom seal.


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ANUBIS & OSIRIS Playing Cards Version2